Sunao (soo·na·oh).

In the Hindi language, sunao means “Tell me, I am listening.”

An invitation to tell your story

Whether you are looking for support to overcome a new challenge that has arisen in your life, or to heal from longstanding issues, Sunao Therapy can help you navigate these difficulties.

An inclusive healing space

Sunao Therapy was created to provide effective and compassionate mental health support that centers the needs of diverse communities.

A focus on the bigger picture

The “problem” is rarely as simple as an issue with one’s thoughts and feelings. Sunao Therapy integrates the full social and cultural context of your life.

Rooted in psychological research

With Dr. Saxena’s advanced training in evidence-based treatments and her commitment to person-centered care, she will collaborate with you on a plan that addresses your goals.

About Dr. Saxena

Dr. Saxena is a licensed clinical psychologist and educator based in San Francisco. She earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium in Palo Alto, and also holds degrees in psychology from Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. She has extensive experience supporting diverse communities with evidence-based therapies across a variety of care settings.

Her own experiences as a South Asian woman from an immigrant family have shaped Dr. Saxena’s commitment to culturally-attuned care. She celebrates the beauty and strength of vibrant communities, while also acknowledging the nuanced challenges that can come with cultural norms and expectations.

Areas of Specialization

Mental health therapy for an array of concerns

Dr. Saxena provides online mental health care throughout California for adults and adolescents, couples, families, and groups, using evidence-based mental health tools.

She has particular speciality in the following areas:


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