Dr. Alisha Saxena


CA License PSY34306


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD, MS)

PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium,
Palo Alto University and Stanford University

MA in Psychology in Education

Teachers College, Columbia University

BA in Psychology (Honors)

University of Pennsylvania

Credentials & Experience

Former Clinician, Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System: San Francisco, Philadelphia & Palo Alto VAs

Clinical experience: ADHD Assessment · General Mental Health · Integrated Care Psychology · Persistent Pain · PTSD Treatment Team · Substance Use · Women’s Clinic

Post-doctoral psychology residency: Women’s Mental Health and Trauma at the San Francisco VA

Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco PsyD Program

Courses: Biological Psychology · Culture and Mental Health · Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care Settings

Award for Excellence in Diversity, Palo Alto University

For commitment to cultural awareness and social justice in clinical work

My approach

Your life as a mosaic

Imagine a beautiful mosaic made of countless tiles – each with its unique color, shape, size, and texture. These individual tiles, while interesting in themselves, only come together to reveal a meaningful image when they are arranged in a specific and intentional way.

My therapeutic approach is to consider your life as such a mosaic, made up of interconnected tiles such as:

  • Your lived experiences, including how you are treated by others
  • Your inner thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values
  • Your behaviors and how you respond to stress
  • Your body and physical health
  • Your communities, interpersonal relationships, and cultural upbringing
  • Your relationship to broader social and political systems

One’s challenges can then be explained by the connections between the various tiles. For example, beliefs about not being “good enough” may intensify feelings of anxiety, leading to perfectionistic standards and burnout. Yet other tiles can serve as sources of strength, such as supportive relationships that empower you and boost your self-esteem, thus helping in the healing process.

In our work together, we will collaboratively explore the tiles of your life, and identify not only the ones that are contributing to your challenges, but also the ones that will lend support towards growth and empowerment.

My values and commitments

I strongly believe that therapy is most effective when it is deeply aligned with your values and what you care the most about. My own values are centered on providing anti-oppressive and social justice-oriented care. To that end, I make the following commitments:

  • Ensuring access to high-quality therapy, including for folks who have not felt represented or understood in previous healthcare experiences
  • Practicing with cultural humility, such that rather than assuming your experiences, I approach your story with open-minded curiosity
  • Addressing my own internal biases by engaging in self-reflection and continuous education